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EasyBooks is considered as one of the leading financial service, accounting software and inventory software to all type of organizations and companies. Started a few years ago with our attendance to develop the Capability of Iraqi accountants Skills & Proficiency on all areas of Accountancy.

With various successful accounting software implementations and accounting jobs we have the knowledge and experience about the accounting and finance job. We have helped many companies across several industries with their accounting software.

Easy Books we make accounting easy for all type of organizations and companies owners & managers and accounting professionals by helping them with reasonable and effective accounting software applications and computerized accounting systems.

We provide a professional, invaluable financial service to the organizations and companies regardless of size. As well as provide them with customized accounting software and computerized accounting systems/solutions.


EasyBooks Company in Iraq permanently try to provide the best accounting and finance service to the Iraqi Companies and Organizations, while fetch best accounting and management software to Iraq companies and organizations.


To help Iraqi companies achieve their business objectives, by providing Best accounting and management software and financial service. We shall make it a gladness for all companies owner to work with us in Iraq.

Business Goals & Objectives

The main objectives in Easy Books Company to organizing an accounting and finance process in Iraqi companies and organizations by provide best accounting and management systems/solutions.